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“Boyscout,” August’s River Basser of the Month

“Boyscout,” August’s River Basser of the Month

boyscout on the New River with a smallmouth bass…The paragraph below was submitted in the nomination of “Boyscout” (Derek Porter to the real world) as’s river basser of the month.  We couldn’t leave any of it off because it was so genuine and well written.  Obviously Boyscout has touched this particular fisherman, but we all know he has touched many river bassers in the southeast including me and for that we want to thank him for sharing his enthusiasm for the sport with all of us!  Congrats Derek, you deserve the honor!

“You don’t have a boat?  No problem; you can hold down the forward seat in my Pelican.  Need a tent?  Mine’s big enough for both of us, and I’ll bring an extra just in case.  And don’t worry about breakfast, I’ll have enough bacon and eggs for all.”

That was just the tip of the iceberg.  How do you think he became “Boyscout?”  The name was literally shoved on him by Continue Reading

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