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Fat Women Walking

Fat Women Walking

My wife, Jo, & I were driving to church last Wednesday evening when we disagreed on something so she began to straighten me out, which I need for her to do on a regular basis, at least she thinks so. When this happens my usual tactic is to try to change the subject by pointing out something in view that might be remotely interesting or asking her something about our grandchildren. Any issue involving one of our grandchildren generally will redirect her thoughts and soften her so that her lecture is shortened. This time however we were passing in front of Barton’s pasture just around the corner from our house and I responded to her lecture by saying with excitement, “Hey, look!!!, there’s three donkeys in Barton’s pasture, that could be a lucky sign.” She responded sharply, “Don’t try changing the subject!!!”, but she quickly finished her correction of my errant ways and inquisitively asked, “Just what did you mean? Three donkeys could be a lucky sign?” Continue Reading

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