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A Girl Has Gotta Do What A Girl Has Gotta Do!!

A Girl Has Gotta Do What A Girl Has Gotta Do!!

Persistence, you wanna know what persistence is?  Well, just take a good look at this young riverbasser.  We all call her Smiley!  Her mom and dad and husband probably call her Rachael.  Fairly new at riverbassin™ out of a kayak and for that matter fairly new to bass fishing too, Rachael has come to love riverbassin™ almost as much as her better half, Jason (Lowhybred09). Competing in her very first tournament competition just weeks ago, Rachael has exhibited  the true enthusiasm and love for chasing the largemouth, shoal and spotted bass we all know so well.  Rachael has constantly been learning about the habits and little tricks of the trade to make herself a better fisherwoman.  She’s definately doing a great job!!  Wanna see what the payback is for persistence???  Watch this short video and find out!!!

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  1. smiley says:

    Thanks paw paw!!! I had a BLAST! :)


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