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Bassin Logic 101…Kinda

Bassin Logic 101…Kinda

I should have quit fishing a long time ago.  If I was a smart guy I certainly would have.  I could have taken all that energy and put it somewhere more productive, like my education perhaps.  At least that’s what my family seems to think, maybe they’re right, from a logical standpoint anyways.  I started to wonder if maybe I had a problem one night last week when I went to study for my midterm in 18th Century Literature only to find that my notebook was filled with doodles of fishing lures.  I dismissed that thought pretty quickly though as those doodles reminded me that I need more size 8 X-Rap’s.  Sure the test I suffered through that next day was a little bit painful but not nearly as bad as not being properly stocked up on jerkbaits this time of year.

Some people may scoff at choices like that (wives, girlfriends, bosses, parents etc.) but I know that you guys know where I’m coming from.  Actually, come to think of it, you probably don’t know where I’m coming from.  You might be able to relate, and know exactly what I mean, but if you’re anything like me then you don’t understand it.  You know that you like catching fish and being outside, but you really don’t have a rationale for this hobby that we all hold so near and dear to our hearts.  And you certainly don’t have any rationale for spending so much money on it, and if you think that you do, then by all means share that reasoning with your better half and I’m sure she’d be glad to inform you of its’ faults.

Keep in mind too that I’m talking about your average competent fisherman coming up with a rationale.  I am not such a fisherman.  Just ask anyone who’s ever had the misfortune of spending 15 minutes in a boat with me.  To sugarcoat it, I’m slightly above inept, to put it a little more blatantly, I’m probably a danger to myself and others.  I’ve fallen out of more boats than most folks have been in.  I’ve hooked my friends, well they were my friends at the time anyway, and as the picture above shows they’ve hooked me too.  That’s right, I may be the only person in the history of fishing to be at fault for being hooked by someone else, but that’s very complicated story that I’m quite certain defies physics.  I also usually manage to spend about 25% of my fishing time in assorted vegetation, trees, bushes, hedges at the park, the wood on boat docks, you name it, I’ve probably stuck a Gamakatsu in it at some time or another.

So with all of this in mind I find myself questioning my motives here.  Don’t worry, I’m not thinking about hanging up my rods in favor of hiking boots, or Heaven forbid, golf clubs, I’m just a little unsure of an explanation from a logical standpoint.  Perhaps that’s the point though, after all we are not a group of logical guys and gals.  I think it’s just something in the way that we’re wired.  Other people are never going to understand us when we try to explain the thrill of a four pounder crushing a Super Spook on a hot July afternoon, but I bet that everyone of you out there reading this just got a wee bit excited a the thought of it right?  So what if we can’t explain it?  We don’t need an explanation, because as long as the thought of a bronze football shooting out of the water after your lure gets your engine running, that’s really all you need.  As for my ineptitude, well I suppose that just makes things a little more interesting.

Note:  Do not attempt to show this article to your wife, girlfriend etc. as a possible explanation for why you spend so much money on fishing equipment.  It WILL NOT work. accepts no liability should you choose to do so.

Article by:  Bo Painter (VaSmallieGuy89)

10 Responses to “Bassin Logic 101…Kinda”

  1. PawPaw says:

    Very good article Bo!! I enjoyed the read.

  2. jeepinitreal says:

    Man,thats it! Great article

  3. castapotamus says:

    Hilarious and TRUE!!

  4. waderjon says:

    Good stuff Bo..And very true.Good job man !!

  5. basshead says:

    Well said, Bo! If there is one place, with a population of people that can truly relate to this unexplainable desire, you’ve found it.

  6. shenandoah_angler says:

    How true. By the way, I successfully managed to convince my fiancee that I need multiple fishing rods and reels. The funny part is that she agrees with it. Of course now it is back-firing on me….I have to buy her all kinds of gear. It’s almost as if she’s trying to keep up with me.

  7. Boyscout says:

    You ever thought of a career in body peircing?

    Cool article. I enjoyed that.

  8. figgins123 says:

    Nice! Thanx for the good read.

  9. turkeycreek says:

    i got goosebumps when you started talking bout that spook blow up :)


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