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“Bassnut”, July’s River Basser of the Month

“Bassnut”, July’s River Basser of the Month

Connecticut River SmallmouthCongratulations to Connecticut’s “Bassnut,” as she has been chosen River Basser of the Month for July.  Bassnut was chosen for her unique fishing style and creative way of catching river bass and documenting it!   She recently purchased a hat cam and put together a couple nice videos for the river bassin community on the forums.  Click here to watch hat-cam video #1. One thing that makes this sport unique is the numerous kinds of rivers in the world and the numerous ways we choose to fish them.  Bassnut represents this perfectly by her unique attitude and passion for the sport.  Oh, and she can fish too!  Congrats BN!

You too can nominate a friend to become the Basser of the Month by using this form. If chosen as Basser of the Month they will receive a hat (as soon as we get some new ones in) and get a special parking space at the front of the store, I mean, site, for the remainder of the month. Catching big fish or large numbers of fish is not the criteria we base our decisions on either. The River Basser of the Month should share the same enthusiasm, passion, stewardship and kindness that we like to promote here on

Tight lines and smooth rapids, staff

4 Responses to ““Bassnut”, July’s River Basser of the Month”

  1. Cole says:


  2. PawPaw says:

    Congrats BassNut! Thanks for the new ideas and excitement you bring to our forum!

  3. Radsdog says:

    Congratulations Bassnut!! Great job on the videos and keep up the reports. Us Yankees have to stick together!

  4. BASSNUT says:

    Wow, What an Honor.
    I am so thankful to you all for Choosing me for July’s Basser of the Month.
    Fishing is my Life, My Love, My Passion.
    And sharing that, and helping others in anyway I can, is Just as rewarding
    as Setting that hook.

    Tight Lines All


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