“Bruiser” Completes River Mission!

“Bruiser” Completes River Mission!

Largemouth bass to help complete the riverbassin.com river mission.

….Congratulations to Bruiser (Sean Brodie) for accomplishing a river mission! This is Bruiser’s first mission accomplished but I am sure it is just the first of many for this weekend river warrior.

Mission Accomplished: “3 Bass Slam’” – Catch three different species of river bass on artificial lures on the same trip.

Date Accomplished: 8-22-09

Smallmouth bass from the river.Proof: Photos

How he accomplished his mission: “While I caught plenty of fish on the first 3/4s of my float, I was in dinkville. The big ones didn’t show up. However, I remembered river missions and decided to try to complete the 3 Bass Slam since I was on the perfect river to complete it. While I already caught 2 different bass species, I didn’t take any pictures. That meant I’d have to start from scratch with only 1/4 of my float left. Tough, but that’s why they’re called river missions.

First, I quickly found a nice current seam and watched my fluke go under on my second cast. After a short battle, I landed a little smallie. Next, I paddled over to a set of shoals and landed the most elusive bass out of my 3 Bass Slam, a redeye or Bartram’s. Two down and only one more to go. Daylight was fading fast, but I knew exactly where I could pick up a largemouth. On my fourth cast, I landed a little largemouth on a 4″ watermelon Wave Worm. Slam complete!”

To learn how you can be on the river mission complete list just click here to find out more.

Bruiser with redeye bass to complete a riverbassin.com river missionCloseup of the redeye bass

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  1. PawPaw says:

    WTG Bruiser!! Congrats!


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