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“Wetinaline” River Basser of the Month – July

“Wetinaline” River Basser of the Month – July

Wetinaline is a heck of a riverbasser and a heck of a guy. He’s the type of guy who would give you the shirt off his back if he thought it would help you catch more fish.

A recent example is when he loaned Lowhybred a 4 inch Spro swimbait to use during the Columbus, Georgia stop of the RiverBassin’ Tournament Trail. Wetinaline couldn’t fish the tournament that weekend and he told Lowhybred to win it and that’s what Lowhybred did!

That says a lot about Wetinaline. Most people keep those pricey $20 swimbaits in their own tackle boxes, too afraid to use them for fear of losing them themselves. Not Wetinaline! Not many people would loan a pricey $20 swimbait to a friend.

That shows his enthusiasm for the sport and his willingness to help anyone. His enthusiasm and helpfulness rivals anyone. Always grinning from ear to ear, his enthusiasm shows in his fishing reports as they are always full of pictures and full of excitement. A great person to have as apart of the RiverBassin’ community!

Congratulations to Wetinaline for being July’s River Basser of the Month!

Quote from a RiverBassin’ member that sums it up:

. . . he’s just a great friend to have!

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