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The Missions

The Missions

“Your missions, should you choose to accept them…”

River Slam – Catch all 8 species of black bass in one year.  Any size counts, just take a photo or two of each one and submit them on the mission complete form.

River Slam Pro – Catch all 8 species of black bass in one year but you must reach the following length limits to be given pro status, and you must get photos of the fish on a measuring device.Redeye Bass

Largemouth Bass  17″
Shoal Bass  16″
Alabama Bass  15″
Smallmouth Bass  14″
Northern Spotted Bass  13″
Guadalupe Bass  12″
Suwanee  11″
Redeye  10″

Operation “Babe Ruth” – Call your shot on video by setting up a camera, then call your shot and get it on film!  To submit proof of mission accomplished simply insert the video link in the text area on the mission complete form.

Catch 33 – Catch at least three bass in a row on consecutive casts.  On the mission complete form simply submit pictures of different fish with same background to at least prove they were caught in the same spot.Child with Shoal Bass

Young River Basser’s Yoda– take a child fishing and help them land a fish of any kind.  All that is required is a photo of them and the fish.

Two Timin’ – Catch two bass at the same time on same lure/line OR on a separate rod by casting at a follower.  Picture must be of both fish must be on the mission complete form to validate.

Hand-crafted Deception – Catch a bass from something you created from scratch (block of wood or a fly you tied).  At least a couple pictures of the building process must be included.

Daily Devotion – the challenge is to simply catch one river bass every day for two straight weeks.  Can it be done?  Will water and weather conditions hold out?  Only time will tell.  Photos of all 14 fish must be included on the mission complete form.  Different clothes must be worn and the hand not holding the fish must display the number that the fish represents (either by holding up fingers or bring a sheet of paper with the number written on it).

Three Bass Slam – Catch three different bass species in one day on the same river (striped bass, white bass and hybrids included)

Four Bass Slam – Catch four different bass species in one day on the same river (striped bass, white bass and hybrids included)

Five Bass Slam – Catch five different bass species in one day on the same river (striped bass, white bass and hybrids included)Drew Gregory with roadside river bass on a whim

Impulsive Riverneck’n Reaction –Riverneck’n is a term coined off of rubberneckin.  We all do it, ya know, slow down when crossing a river and peer over the bridge.  On this mission you do this but just can’t resist the call of the river even though you are on your way to or from somewhere (business trip, date, grocery store, church, doctor etc) and don’t really have time to stop for a quick river bassin excursion.  Keep a rod in your car and one day when you don’t even realize it you’ll have a chance to complete this mission.  Non-typical fishing clothes will likely be on in this picture. Photo must be accompanied by a description of where you were headed when the river caught your eye and pulled you into her lair like a irresistible Siren.  Also, a photo of the clock in your vehicle must be present before you get out and then when you get back in.  If it takes you over 45 minutes then this wasn’t as impulsive and in a rush as this mission is supposed to be.

Mission 90/20 – catch 5 black bass (no linesides) in one trip that combined weigh 20lbs or are over 90 total inches for those that prefer measuring.  That is a 4lb average and an 18inch average.  Photos of all fish are required on the mission complete form.

Recycled Bass -  Catch the same fish that you previously have or someone else has, and can prove it via photos with a unique mark. This proves how catch and release really works.  I’ve done it or seen it done several times.  It is hard to do this on purpose but if you fish the same area or small flow it is possible and does happen more than we think.  I have seen it happen with a 6lb 14oz shoal bass on two consecutive days!

Fly & Conventional Matrimony – Catch a 3lb+ bass (or 17 incher) on both a fly rod and conventional gear in the same day.  Photos of both are required.

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