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One of the philosophies of the website is to allow its users and members to learn about our rivers from the ones who are on them – for the ones who are on them. Use this form to submit a river description and have your name credited to the article. Contributors will also receive a free River Bassin’ shirt, hat or bumper sticker from the store. To be qualified each category on the form below must be filled out accurately and with good detail so that is just a few edits away from being posted on the site.

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River descriptions on this site should be consistent and have the same basic format. Below are the sections you will want to fill out to complete your river description.

About the River: This section is basically the intro and opening chapter that gives a brief summary and highlights important or unique facts about the river. Maybe an indian tribe used to live on it or it is the longest free flowing (without dams) river in that state. Any interesting fact is good.

Bass Species Present: (Check all that apply)  Largemouth Smallmouth Spotted Shoal Suwanee Guadalupe Striped Hybrid White other

The Bassin': Give a general idea about how the bassin' is, but please keep it very broad and basic. We're not into exploiting any particular fishing spot here, we just need a basic idea of what to expect fishing wise. Is the ratio of largemouth to another species high or low? Do the fish there love topwater, crankbaits or jigs? Simple things like this will be great.

Obstacles or Rapids to beware of: Let us know about any rapids, dams or other obstacles river bassers should be aware of before fishing down the river.

Gauges: (optional) This area is to explain what gauges are good to use for what area of the river, and at what level they need to be before the water gets right for fishing. Please use the USGS gauges.

If you have pictures, share them here

Thanks for helping others learn about this river!

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