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“DadTB,” December’s River Basser of the Month

“DadTB,” December’s River Basser of the Month

Tom with big Susquehenna River smallmouth!…Congratulations to Pennsylvania’s “DadTB” (Tom), as he has been chosen River Basser of the Month for December.  Yes, even though Tom lives in Pennsylvania and it gets cold in the winter, it doesn’t slow Tom down!  He mostly takes trips on the famed Susquehenna River with friends and family and his positive and detailed reports on the Pennsylvania forum are a joy to read.  He is always willing to take kids on the river to share his passion with them so that they can see the beauty that is river bassin. thinks that is totally boss Tom, and is exactly what this site and the people who are on it are all about!  You can also see more of his reports on his personal blog here.  Thanks for your contributions to the site and keep up the great work in your neck of river bassin water!Tom and Tyler with another Susky smallie double!

You too can nominate a friend to become the Basser of the Month by using this form. If chosen as Basser of the Month they will receive a special parking space at the front of the store, I mean, site, for the remainder of the month. Catching big fish or large numbers of fish is not the criteria we base our decisions on either. The River Basser of the Month should share the same enthusiasm, passion, stewardship and kindness that we like to promote here on

Tight lines and smooth rapids,

Tom and Josh with a smallmouth bass double on the Susquehenna River in Pennsylvania!

2 Responses to ““DadTB,” December’s River Basser of the Month”

  1. dadTB says:

    What a great honor! I was born on Christmas Day, too. So, receiving “River Basser of the Month” for December 2009 is even more special for me.

    Thanks everyone!
    dadTB (Tom)

  2. CHRGD says:

    Congrats Tom


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