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Dead Sticking The Fluke!

Dead Sticking The Fluke!

Author: Eric Boyd ….

I love fishing the fluke.  I love burning it across the surface…jerking and pausing just under the surface…and weighting it down on the bottom, but I can’t tell you how many times I have pulled out a line twist or a backlash and once all the line is clear, have a fish on the end.

Also, it is quite often that one can cast above a fall and have the bait drift over the fall and as soon as it hits the pool below..BAAAM! In my experience this seems to happen with the fluke a good bit and that’s the focus of this article.

Dead sticking the fluke…quite by accident has become a very real tactic for me.  Dead sticking is just as it sounds…casting the bait and not giving any action to it.  There are two ways that I have learned to do this.

I have learned to cast at a 45 upstream and let the fluke just drift downstream and into a waiting pool where there are fish hanging out looking for a meal.  Many times I will pick up a smallie in the riffle above the pool but most times as soon as the fluke hits the pool it’s fish on.  It is extremely important that while drifting the fluke to keep in contact with it as  the fish can eat and eject the bait before you even realize you have a strike.  It is also important to keep the line tight so as not to gut hook our precious resource only to release it alive and have it die soon after.

The other way of dead sticking is to cast directly into a longer pool or still water and just let the fluke sit.  It sounds simple and at first to me it sounded stupid but I have picked up a few fish like this…again by accident while pulling out line twists and backlashes.  I have practiced this technique intentionally as well and it seems to work at least on my home water.

My favorite Fluke is the Zoom Super Fluke Jr in Chartreuse rigged weightless.  It just seems to produce while fished many different ways on my home water.

Hopefully this short article will help someone learn a new way of catching what is becoming my favorite of all sport fish.  Tight Lines!

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