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DTFM_Basshead & PawPaw On The Flint

DTFM_Basshead & PawPaw On The Flint

….With spring in the air and the excitement of the shoal bass turning on to the warmer weather, “Dennis The Fish Menace”, Basshead and I (PawPaw) decide to get together to test the shoal bass’ eagerness to bite on the beautiful Flint River this past Saturday, April 03, 2010.  Join us as we make our way down the Flint……..

2 Responses to “DTFM_Basshead & PawPaw On The Flint”

  1. EMRJPV says:

    You need to change your name to LipRipper as hard as you set the hook on these fish. These are probably the first documented cases of whiplash in a fish.

  2. George T says:

    Looks like you guys had a great time. Wish i had have been there to join in on the fun.


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