“FBMoche” Completes River Mission!

“FBMoche” Completes River Mission!

P9030525-Large-e-mail-view….Congratulations to “FBMoche” (Ron Bryant) for accomplishing another river mission! This is Moche’s third mission and quite frankly one of the most amazing mission accomplished reports I have read!  You really need to read on to hear all about the mission and how it went down.

Mission Accomplished: “Hand-crafted Deception” – Catch a river bass on a lure/fly that you make from scratch.  Pictures of the creation stage and the lure in the fish’s mouth is required.


Date Accomplished: 9-3-09

How he accomplished his mission: “Well I wasn’t 100% positive that I could create a lure that wouldattract a bass but I felt pretty good about it.  I started out with an old branch lying around the yard and whittled it into a popper or something that sort of ressembled a popper.  From there I painted P8290533-Large-e-mail-viewmy popper white with my daughters finger nail polish and used some red on the mouth of my lure.  The eyes were dotted with a black sharpie.  I took some eyes and hooks off of an old lure lying around the garage to finish the lure.

I was really hoping to trick a peanut striper tonight but boy was I surprised and excited with what I caught.  I fished a good while and could only muster a small largemouth on another crankbait for my only bite.  After quite awhile I decided to paddle to another location and give it a shot.  I was glad I did.  On my first cast at the new location this big smallie engulfed my home made craft.P8300524-Large-e-mail-view

I played her for a good while and was happy when I made the landing.  It was fitting that this fish was a football since the season opened tonight.  She was barely 19 inches but topped the scales at 4lb 5oz.

I actually completed a double mission tonight since my only 3 fish were this smallie, a striper and a largie.  However, since I already had that mission I did not take any pics of the others. I don’t know if I will keep tossing this lure or not but it might be hard to put down after landing this super sized football smallie.”

P9030527-Large-e-mail-viewP9030526-Large-e-mail-view P9030525-Large-e-mail-view


Wow, Moche, that was one incredible story and it is sure to inspire others to go out and see what they can do with their creativity and skills.  

To learn how you can be on the river mission complete list just click here to find out more.

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