“FBMoche” Completes River Mission!

“FBMoche” Completes River Mission!

P8190Moche with river smallmouth to complete his riverbassin.com mission….Congratulations to FBMoche (Ron Bryant) for being one of the first to accomplish a river mission! And, it is worth noting that FBMoche actually accomplished this river mission in just 90 minutes!  Now that is getting down to river business!

Mission Accomplished: “3 Bass Slam’” – Catch three different species of river bass on artificial lures on the same trip.

Date Accomplished: 8-19-09

Proof: Photos

Moche with river largemouth to complete his riverbassin.com river missionHow he accomplished his mission: I went for a quick wade trip only for about 90 minutes of fishing time with my father, Ole Hooker.  I quickly landed a small largemouth behind my first set of shoals.  After watching Ole Hooker land several smallies and a striper, I hooked up with a striper of my own.  I completed my 3 Bass Mission toward the end of our trip with a super nice 3lb 8oz smallmouth.  All of my fish were landed on a medium spinning combo with 8lb test.  The lure of choice was a Strike King Lil Mr Money.”

To learn how you can be on the river mission complete list just click here to find out more about river missions. River Striped Bass to complete the riverbassin.com river mission

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  1. Bruiser says:

    Nicely done!


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