GA DNR Shoalie Shocking Safari!

GA DNR Shoalie Shocking Safari!

The latest RiverBassinTV episode from Drew Gregory.  In this episode Drew, SumterShoalieFan and Shoalieseeker join the GA DNR on a trip to electro-shock shoal bass and other species in order to learn how to tag them and release them back in the river.  If it wasn’t for organizations like the DNR we wouldn’t have the great river fisheries we do today so it was a thrill to tag along with them and learn more about what they do on a day to day basis.

3 Responses to “GA DNR Shoalie Shocking Safari!”

  1. As usual, awesome video, great to see some of our tax dollars being spent to benefit our fisheries and wildlife in GA. Good stuff man!

  2. Rockfish says:

    Hey Drew,

    Great article. Always refreshing to understand more about the biology/life cycle of our beloved river bass. Thank you for the contribution.


  3. sumtershoaliefan says:

    That was a great week! Just a couple of days before I caught the fish that is in my avatar.



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