Gear Review: Cablz™ Eyewear Rentention

Gear Review:  Cablz™ Eyewear Rentention

Cablz Eyewear Rentention ReviewTrips Used: 3

Pros: The new Cablz™ system for eyewear retention ( is truly a unique and clever design because it never touches your neck while the glasses are on.  Yet, if for some reason you take them off they will not get lost since they will hang from your neck.  The thin wire (or mono if you have the mono version) will never get all sweaty and dirty from your neck since it is so thin and can always be rinsed.  The rubber inserts slide onto any glasses very easy and yet are hard to pull off which is the idea.  Cablz™ are not expensive.  I think they retail for about 11.99.

Cons: I have yet to see a con to this design

Rating: 10 out of 10

Conclusion: It may be a small thing but a device like Cablz™ can be the difference between losing your costly sunglasses, which are a critical tool when fishing.  Not to mention they probably cost a good bit.  Not having something dangling on your neck or something that you have to always replace is well worth the mere $11.99 that this accessory costs.  Until some new surgery comes out where I can change my eyes to being polarized, I think I will always have sunglasses on with Cablz™ attached. Cablz ReviewDrew Gregory with Cablz on

2 Responses to “Gear Review: Cablz™ Eyewear Rentention”

  1. sumtershoaliefan says:

    I may give these a try.


  2. DoahRiverRat says:

    well, that is until them old peepers start to go south on ya and need some prescription glasses..then you can use them on the ‘script glasses. As for me, I have an eye appointment this month (third since I got ‘real’ glasses) and I think I’m springing for a pair of Ray Ban Aviator style frames with cable ear pieces. I’m tired of glasses sliding down my nose and getting out of position. Besides, I’m getting the safety lenses for my shooting activities and photo-gray polarization for the fishing and you’re talking about a significant investment just so I never have to change glasses or use the “old fart” wrap-arounds over the specs. The cable ear pieces a become a necessity in my book (or should that be wallet?) if I’m dropping that kind of scratch.

    But I do like the design of those. At 11 bucks, thats cheap insurance for those who wear contacts and use triple digit shades.


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