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Gear Review: Joy Factory Rain Ballet for iPhone 4

Gear Review:  Joy Factory Rain Ballet for iPhone 4

Review By: James Coleman (ihadmail)

Condition: New

Number of trips used: 6-10 trips

How it performed: Details: This is a waterproof case for the Verizon or Sprint version of the Apple iPhone 4. From the manufacturer’s website: “The rugged case resists rain and water jets and keeps your iPhone dry, even if you drop it in water. And the Intelli-filter™ design blocks only water—not sound—to preserve sound quality while in the case, so you lose nothing by adding protection.” The depth and exposure time rating were not listed on the manufacturer’s website or in the product information I received with my case. After a very short call to customer service, I found out that it is rated to 1 meter (3.3 feet) for 30 minutes. Retail is $49.95 plus shipping, which compared to other iPhone cases, is quite cheap.
- Dry! I left this case submerged in my sink overnight before initially using it with my phone. After drying the outside of the case I opened it to find absolutely no moisture on the inside.
- Touch screen response. It is no more difficult to use the touch screen with this case on that with it off.
- Usability. I can still use my phone to make/receive calls, take pictures, surf Facebook or listen to music with the case on. Call clarity is very clear on both ends.
- Security. There is an attached lanyard that can easily be used to secure the case to pretty much anything using a carabineer, carabineer not included.
- Ease of operation. Simply insert your phone and twist 3 cam locks 1/4 turn. A tab is included on the lanyard for turning the cam locks.
- During my initial testing phase, I put this case through some conditions that I though it may encounter in use. One of which was twisting of the actual case from it being kept in a pants pocket. With no phone in the case it did flex enough to let a few small water droplets in. Since I only have one phone, I didn’t attempt this with a phone installed.
- Size. This case is fairly bulky. It will effectively double the phone’s thickness and add approximately 1/4″ to the height and width.
- Buoyancy. This case does not in any way provide flotation for your phone.
Overall: Overall I like this case. I do not keep my phone in the case at all times due to not liking the bulk of the case in my pocket. It does fit easily into all of the pants/shorts that I have tried it with. I have fallen in the river wading over rocks multiple times with my phone in this case in my pocket; usually face first, without any water getting into my phone. For the price I can’t think of anything that would beat this case, especially considering the price of a new iPhone. I would not hesitate to recommend this case to anyone with an iPhone 4 that wants the ability to safely take it on the water with them.
Photos: The first photo is from the manufacturer’s website. The rest were photos I took with my phone inside of the case.











Rating: 9

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