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The Balancer™ Rod Balancing System

The Balancer™ Rod Balancing System


The Balancer™ Rod Balancing System

Any of you ever watch the TV program called “Hunt for Big Fish” starring Larry Dahlberg?  Well, on one of his shows he demonstrated how he balances his long fishing rods with a weight kit he designed and is sold by the Bass Pro Shops.  I have a 7 1/2 ft graphite flipping stick that I have tried to use for about a year and it was very uncomfortable to fish with.  I personally preferred to fish with my 6 1/2 ft. medium heavy rods.  Well, for fishing heavier baits like swim baits or big topwater plugs I wanted to use the longer rod, but for the above reasons I just couldn’t force myself to do it.  A few days ago I was at Bass Pro Shops to buy some stuff and decided to purchase the “rod balancing system” they sell.  It comes with instructions on how to balance your rod.  I fished with it yesterday almost all day long and you wouldn’t believe the difference it made.  The kit makes the rod feel lighter and it enables you to set the hook very quickly.  I’m glad I bought it!  Looks like this rod will be used much more in the coming months. Cool In my opinion, it’s well worth the $8.99 I paid for it.  Click on the picture of the kit above for more details.

To see this product on Bass Pro Shops click here.

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  1. PawPaw says:

    Since using “The Balancer” a little longer, I have found that it does not fit
    into my Scotty rod holder. I use the smaller one that Scotty sells. If you intend using “The Balancer” with a rod holder, I recommend using the larger Scotty rod holder or making sure the rod holder you do use will accomodate the increase in the butt size of the rod you use caused by adding “The Balancer” to your rod.


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