Simms “Keen” River Sandals

Simms “Keen” River Sandals

simms keen river sandals

Item Reviewed: Simms “Keen” wading sandals

Condition Received: Brand spankin new

Number of trips used: About 10 trips now

Price: Between $50 and $80.

How they performed:

Pros: These sandals overall perform well and the main positives have to be the comfort, how easy they are to get in and out of, the felt on the bottom and the awesome toe guard.  The reason they are so comfortable is because they are designed on the sole like the shape of an actual foot.  They are soft and comfortable, yet hard and simms keen river sandalsdurable enough to withstand the abuse of the river.  The toe guard is one thing that is built to help take the abuse of the river so that your toes do not have to! If you’re current river sandals do not have a toe guard then you are insane – well, unless you are fishing rivers that only have sand and clay bottoms.  The velcro adjustments on the sandals are very handy in getting it just snug exactly how yo need it.  And, to get out of the sandals all you have to do is unsnap out of the quick clips and bam, your out.  This is good because occasionally small rocks do get in the sandal, but usually you can shake them out thanks to a handy opening right around the arch of the foot.  Lastly, the felt on the bottom is nice to have when gripping slippery rocks but it is also leads me into the only con I have about these sandals.

Simms keen river sandals from the bottom

Cons: The felt on the bottom of the sandal is good but it does not go completely around to the very edge.  I have noticed that a lot of walking and hopping from rock to rock is actually done while using the toes on your feet.  Well, underneath the toes there is little felt so if you do start to slip, you will.  Felt cannot slow down or stop a slip when it is caused by momentum by something as heavy as a human.  Having said that it is not a huge deal but something worth noting.

Overall Rating: 8.5 out of 10

One Response to “Simms “Keen” River Sandals”

  1. John R says:

    Bought a pair of these and have used them most of this past Summer. Verdict: I’m gonna try the Corker brand wading shoes. Why? The Simms sandals are open in several places along the bottom of my feet and several times per trip I have to stop, take off each sandal, and empty the gravel out. The Corkers are full shoes that wrap around the feet and I’m thinking they will keep the gravel out. Other than that, I like the river sandals. I’ll post how the Corkers work out when I get them.


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