Gear Review: TRU-LIFE Swimbaits by TRU-TUNGSTEN™

Gear Review: TRU-LIFE Swimbaits by TRU-TUNGSTEN™

true-tungsten tru tungsten true tungsten

Trips Used: About 6

Pros: The TRU-LIFE swimbait comes through the water in a very realistic and life-like motion as you can see in the video below.  They make several sizes – 4, 7, 8 and 9 inches – as well as styles including bluegill, gold and silver tilapia, and rainbow trout.  The four inch version was deadly on smallmouth but you may want to replace the hooks with one size bigger to handle the size fish that seem to be attracted to this bait.  Another cool thing about the lure is that you can change the weight and sink rate by inserting or removing small tungsten balls that come with the lure.  Make it wake the surface or swim down deeper depending on the situation.  The video below shows the 7 inch bluegill in action.

Cons: The main con to the bait is that it is expensive.  The four inch size is usually priced at 19.99 and the bigger sizes are 49.99.  Do they catch fish, you bet, but is it worth the risk of losing a bait this costly?  That is up to the individual but all I can tell you is that they do work and work well.  The only other note that I would mention here is to be careful with them around rocks.  After casting and having the bait hit directly on a rock numerous times the paint can chip off some.  I kept a dark green or black sharpie with me once I discovered this could happen and simply filled in the small spots with the color I needed and you can hardly tell the difference, and the fish couldn’t either.

Overall Rating: 9 out of 10true-tungsten tru tungsten true tungsten


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