Gear Review: Yum Money Hound

Gear Review:  Yum Money Hound

Yum Money Hound

Review By: Danny Bell (Stumphumper)

Item reviewed: Yum Money Hound

Condition: New

Number of trips used: 10-20 trips

How it performed: I always avoid treble hooks whenever possible on the river for obvious reasons. Because of this I seldom fish “Spook” style baits…until now! The Yum “Money Hound” allows me to “walk the dog” in the heaviest of cover. I rig mine on a 5/0 EWG hook, and throw it into places the old treble hooked lures dare not go. The weight and profile of this bait makes long, accurate casts a breeze.

I would rate this bait a 10 if not for two small issues. First, if you are not very particular about keeping the hook straight while rigging, it will “roll” during the retrieve. Second, due to the stiffness of the plastic, hooksets can be ┬áproblematic in the beginning. To counter this use a long, sweeping, sideways motion.

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

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