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Has the Spring Bite on the River Turned On Yet?

Cajun (Roger) and I (Paw Paw) got together over the telephone mid-week last week to discuss the possibility of doing one of the 14 mile floats on the Upper Flint.  Roger thought about it for about a second and a half and the plans were set.  Roger and I made a similar float last year in the heat of the summer and we ran out of water to drink!!!  Don’t ever do that!!!  At the end of our float, I was having mirages of an oasis in the middle of the river with ice chest full of Coors Lites!!! Fortunately, Roger is a backpacker also and had a water filtration system with him in his yak.  We filtered water out of the river and drank it.  Wow, it tasted terrible but quenched our thirst.  Back to the story…….Roger and I met at my house at 06:00 hrs. Saturday morning and loaded my yak onto his car rack.  We were off to the river!  Before getting there, we stopped by MAC’s in Thomston to eat a great breakfast.  If any of you who frequent the Upper Flint and have never ate there, I recommend it.  They open at 05:30 hrs.   Great homemade sausage and biscuits.  After Roger and I drove to the takeout, we headed back to our put-in and started unloading our equipment. The water looked great with only a heavy stain on the water.  The forecast was for partly cloudy all day long.   The ole weather girl was kind to us for a change!!  We both started out the day trying some top-water stuff, then some crank-baits and spinner-baits.  The only thing the fish seemed to want was the spinner-bait (white).  Roger pretty much stuck with that bait but I kept experimenting with some other baits like the fluke and my Rapala J-11.   Quite a few little fellows were harvested with the spinner-bait and some plastic worms but nothing to write home about.  I finally landed a 2lb. 6oz. shoalie with the Rapala J-ll.  The photo is below.  About a hundred yards below where I caught this little guy, Roger and I were fishing the shoals with some bigger rocks.  I made a cast about 2 feet the other side of one of these rocks and on the downstream side of it.  After making only about 2 turns of my reel handle…….BAM!!!!!!  The fight was on!!!!  Acrobatics like you wouldn’t believe!!!  My thoughts were…..”Now that’s what I’m talking about!!!!”.  Eager to get the fish landed,  I quickly reeled the fish to the side of my yak.  Big mistake!!!!  While trying to lift her head to lip her, she gave that desperate head shake and came unbuttoned!!!! ^%^$^%^$^%$##$#$^%#$!!!  Anyway, no picture of the fish or weight recorded.  I estimated she would have gone 4 lbs. easily.    I did get some video of the area we caught our fish as well as some footage of Roger with one of the shoalies he caught. The still photo is of the shoalie I caught on the J-11.  The day ended up being one that we will always remember.  The question I had at the beginning of the day was…..I wonder if the Spring bite had turned on yet???  For a couple of weeks now,  fishing has really been skinny with very few fish being taken.  My theory was that the fish had started bedding.  The fishing has gotten a little better and should get even better by our next weekend.  With sore bottoms, stiff knees and backs we headed home saying……”Why do we do this to ourselves????”  The answer…….”We love it!!!!

2lb 6oz Shoalie

Video with sound Published by Paw Paw

2 Responses to “Has the Spring Bite on the River Turned On Yet?”

  1. Boyscout says:

    Someone said………”Why do we do this to ourselves????” The answer…….”We love it!!!!”

    Yeah, I love it too and I wasn’t even there!

    Great story, guys. Wish I had been there.

  2. waderjon says:

    Great write up Fella’s…The video is cool Paw Paw.
    You done a fine job..That stretch of river was where
    Swampthang took me on my first float trip.I remember
    the shoals through there were beautiful..I would like to
    go back and do that one again.


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