How to Catch a Dink

How to Catch a Dink

From: Robert Moore (moorefish5)

About this video: First of all, what is a dink?  Well after looking up the term it seems the actual definition doesn’t describe anything to do with fishing.  There was a slang definition which I thought would be funny if used to describe a fish – “A fully grown person who looks like they are still dressed by their mother.” It seems the sport fishing community has adopted this term to describe a small fish which holds no excitable value in a story or recap of a fishing trip.  For example, “I went fishing, but only caught dinks” or “Yea, I caught some fish, but they were all dinks.”
Now that we know what a dink truly is lets move on to a more important lesson, how to catch one or better yet how not to catch one.  No one knows why it happens or how it happens, but sometimes when we fish we only seem to catch dinks.  I have put together a video showing my own personal experience catching dinks.

If I offended any dinks in this article, please know that I still think you are better than a skunk!

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