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How to: “Plastic Weld-A-Kayak”

How to: “Plastic Weld-A-Kayak”

…..Have you ever hit something real hard that was submerged in the river with your kayak and feared you might have gouged or cracked it?  Well this has happened to me more times than I remember!!  So I could keep kayak fishing, I had to learn to repair my kayak myself.  This video will hopefully share what I have learned and help you somewhere down the road to do the same. It could also save you some $$$.

4 Responses to “How to: “Plastic Weld-A-Kayak””

  1. FishingAddict says:

    I have to give credit to my buddy Mark, a operations manager for a large plastics company- who came up with this solution originally when BlackwaterBill asked for help on another forum when he had a hole in his kayak- I asked my buddy Mark, and he suggested doing this with the plastic welder!

  2. George T says:

    I would like to know where i can buy one of the Plastic welders at. if someone would e-mail me a link to a store that sells them it would be great. Thanks

  3. castapotamus says:

    Great video. Thank you!!


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