How to Tie a Topwater Popper

How to Tie a Topwater Popper
by: LSUFlyFishing (Blake)
Well here goes, my first step by step.
Materials Hook – Size 2 Orvis Bass Bug, Item No. 8810. Tail – Chartreuse and Olive marabou, crystal flash Thread – Danvilles 3/0 waxed monocord Body – 2mm closed cell craft foam Coloring – black and red permanent markers, roseart metallic marker Google eyes 5 min. epoxy. Superglue The first Step is to tie in the chartreuse marabou tail and the crystal flash on top of that. Next, tie in the olive marabou. I try to wrap the marabou all the way down the shank with thread so that i have something with a little bulk to glue the foam to. Cut the flash to about an inch behind the marabou tips. I leave it a little long as it can always be cut down later on. Next would be to cut out the piece of foam using a template. I messed around with different shapes until i found a shape that suited most of my crease flies and then made the template out of card stock. Color the foam. The metallic markers dont dry right away, so i make a pretty heavy line and smear it with my finger to get the faded look from top to bottom. I find it easier to draw the lateral line and add eyes after the fly is glued, but it doesnt really matter if you do it now or wait till after. I glue one side of the foam to the shank leaving enough under the shank so that when i glue the other side of the foam, the ends of the foam are glued together so that the shank doesnt show through the crack. Then glue the other side I then draw the lateral line and add the eyes and the gills. (I use both google eyes and stick-on eyes) I cut a hole (using a hole punch) from some red foam and insert it in the end of the fly using my bodkin. I use super glue to secure it in place. The second picture shows the closed ends of the foam on the bottom of the shank and also the red plug in the mouth of the popper The white baby bass is another good pattern. For it, i would substitute white marabou for the chartreuse marabou. I also colored the mouth part red on this fly. No reason why, just thought it looked good I then add a light coat of 5 minute epoxy for durability. Finished Fly. It worked this weekend…

4 Responses to “How to Tie a Topwater Popper”

  1. Tardevil says:

    Great report, LSU. I’ll hafta try that method. I’ve been carving my poppers from balsa, but yours look much more natural.

    Thanks for the article!

  2. Very Cool LSU, I second the motion about the workspace. Been thinking about that very topic myself!

  3. boykinsbuddy says:

    On a side note…something I learned to pay attention to was the color of the dragon flies flying around the river. 2 weeks ago my fishing partner stole a nice smally out from under my nose when he retied to a blue popper after noting the dragon flies around us were …blue. I had a white and green someting on and the fish hit several times but wouldn’t commit. He threw that blue bug in there after my third miss and the bass smashed it.
    SO some blue and even red or brown poppers would be nice to have in the box too.

  4. Boyscout says:

    Blake, somehow I missed this article.

    Great job and I like that fly. Obviously the bass do too!

    Awsome stuff. Thanks for sharing.


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