Is The Jackson Coosa Elite For FatBoys??

Is The Jackson Coosa Elite For FatBoys??

Author: PawPaw ….

For quite a while now I have been reading about Jackson Kayak’s new Coosa Elite and how everyone likes it.
Unfortunately,  no one that has one lives very close to me.  A few days ago, I contacted Ocmulgee Tim who lives in Gray, Georgia and he was kind enough to drop off his Coosa at my house to give it a test ride and for me to evaluate.  I currently have an Ocean Kayak Drifter and have river fished out of it for quite a few years.  I am now 61 years old and weigh 250 lbs. (If you don’t eat,  you’ll die!!!)
Anxious to try this new kayak out,  my friend, Sandbar Martin and I went to a local 5 acre lake to try it out.  While there, we also wet a line for the first time in 2011.  Anthony in the first 5 minutes catches his personal best largemouth!!  Check out the video to join us in our excitement of catching our first fish of the year,  highlights from 2010 of another good friend of mine,  Smiley and finally the evaluation of the Coosa from my perspective and how it will fare for  “FatBoys”.

3 Responses to “Is The Jackson Coosa Elite For FatBoys??”

  1. BravesWin says:

    PawPaw…thanks for taking the time to do this video for all us Fatboys. I think I might still try to do a test ride this spring. I’m really intrigued by the new seat and I know that Drew put a lot of his heart and soul into designing it.

  2. OKpondhopper says:

    I really enjoyed watching your video and hearing your evaluation of the Jackson Kayak Coosa. I recently watched their video about this boat and was impressed especially with the 360 jump. I was thinking about selling my kayak and getting a Coosa, but maybe not now. I currently have a Freedomhawk 12 fishing kayak. The seat is not very comfortable and somehow it is taking on water, but I can’t find any holes in the hull, but I do like the retractable pontoons on the back. It is like standing on the bow of a bass boat when they are extended. It is kind of a hassle putting the pontoons on and taking them off before and after fishing, but It isn’t to bad. I wonder if there is anyway to replace my current seat with a Coosa seat? That would be excellent. Well thanks for your report, I’m in my 50′s and pushing 250 lbs., so it answered some of my questions.


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