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“Jeepinitreal” Completes River Mission!

“Jeepinitreal” Completes River Mission!

….Congratulations to Jeepinitreal (Matt Gross) for accomplishing his 1st river mission.  I have had the privilege to fish with Matt several times and believe me,  he loves to fish, especially river fish!  Matt is pretty good  working with his hands so this river mission probably came a little easier for him than it would for us that would rather just go out and buy our lures at BPS or Walmart. I’m sure this is one of many River Missions Matt will accomplish in the up coming days.

Mission Accomplished: Hand-crafted Deception – Catch a bass from something you created from scratch (block of wood or a fly you tied).

Mission Accomplished: September 6, 2010

Home-made Popper

10 Inch Shoalie

How he accomplished his mission: I built my popper with a stick from the yard, hooks and split rings I had laying around, a small steel leader and a cable end from work. Oh yeah and my Klien pocket knife.I had several blow ups on it before I finally caught one…than another ….. and finally a 2.5lb large mouth.

To learn how you can be on the river mission complete page just click here to find out more about river missions.

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