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Lookout Shoal Bass…Here We Come!!

Lookout Shoal Bass…Here We Come!!

…..The winter all over the country this year has been long and hard but to top it all off,  the torrential rains have continued to plague those of us that go by the name “Riverbassin™ aholics”.  Many of us have oiled and greased our fishing reels till they shine like a mirror and organized or tackle boxes continuously with anticipation of hitting the river again.  We couldn’t stand it any longer…………..This video tells the story of four such guys on the Flint River……

4 Responses to “Lookout Shoal Bass…Here We Come!!”

  1. John R says:

    Way to get the year going guys! I am more than done with this winter, way overdue to get on the water. I got to go soon or I’m going to fish all over myself.

  2. mookie says:

    Kinda jealous myself!
    PawPaw, where’d you get that music from?

  3. smalliesam says:

    Great as always PawPaw. You’re videos and narration remind me of one my all-time favorite fishing shows, The Fishing Hole with Jerry McKinnis. Keep ‘em coming.

  4. basserlewis says:

    Hey PawPaw. When we fished together a couple of years ago, you were just an easy goin fisherman like me. Now it appears you’ve become a die hard… No wonder you are making so many post on here. Keep up the good work my friend!


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