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“Lowhybred09″ Completes River Mission #1!

“Lowhybred09″ Completes River Mission #1!

….Congratulations to Lowhybred09 (Jason Stutts) for accomplishing his first river mission. As much as Jason fishes,  this will probably not be the last mission he completes.  He is definitely an aggressive fisherman who loves to be on the water.

Mission Accomplished: Four Bass Slam – Catch four different bass species in one day on the same river (striped bass, white bass and hybrids included)

Date Accomplished: May 27, 2010


Spotted Bass

Redeye Bass

Shoal Bass

How he accomplished his mission: I did a float trip on the Upper Ocmulgee and caught all four species; spot, shoal, largemouth and redeye bass all on a J-9 Rapala black/silver.

To learn how you can be on the river mission complete page just click here to find out more about river missions.

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