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“Lowhybred09″ Completes River Mission #2!

“Lowhybred09″ Completes River Mission #2!

….Congratulations to Lowhybred09 (Jason Stutts) for accomplishing his second river mission. Jason takes a lot of kidding about how much he fishes but do you think that bothers him……no way!!! This man is a serious fisherman; can you blame him for loving to fish? We all would love to be able fish at a moments notice, especially if we lived close to the river like Jason.

Mission Accomplished: Impulsive Riverneck’n Reaction –Riverneck’n is a term coined off of rubberneckin.  We all do it, ya know, slow down when crossing a river and peer over the bridge.  On this mission you do this but just can’t resist the call of the river even though you are on your way to or from somewhere (business trip, date, grocery store, church, doctor etc) and don’t really have time to stop for a quick river bassin excursion.  Keep a rod in your car and one day when you don’t even realize it you’ll have a chance to complete this mission.  Non-typical fishing clothes will likely be on in this picture. Photo must be accompanied by a description of where you were headed when the river caught your eye and pulled you into her lair like a irresistible Siren.  Also, a photo of the clock in your vehicle must be present before you get out and then when you get back in.  If it takes you over 45 minutes then this wasn’t as impulsive and in a rush as this mission is supposed to be.

Date Accomplished: August 15, 2010

Start Time

Shoal Bass

Stop Time

How he accomplished his mission: I was on the way to go to Church with my friend in Monticello.  I live in Jackson Ga.  I did the Riverneck”n Reaction mission and as passing over the Ocmulgee on Highway 16 I couldn’t resist the urge to make a few casts and try for a river mission or two, there is a number because I was trying to do the 14 in a row also and this was number 1.  I was supposed to be in Monticello at six or six thirty, I cant recall.  But it was 5:26 when I stopped.  Took my spinning outfit with a shakyhead and zoom utail and third cast had a nice pound and a half shoal bass.  Was back at the truck at 5:40 and made it to Church on time.  Needless to say I got a few funny looks and questions about my wet shorts. LOL

To learn how you can be on the river mission complete page just click here to find out more about river missions.

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