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“LSUFlyfishing,” November’s River Basser of the Month

“LSUFlyfishing,” November’s River Basser of the Month

LSUflyfishing…Congratulations to Louisiana’s “LSUFlyfishing,” Blake Leblanc, as he has been chosen River Basser of the Month for November.  Blake recently became the first ever member to catch a state record, submit it and become officially recognized by his state as the record holder.  And, what is even crazier is that the guy called his shot!  He said he was going to do it, and he did!  If you wan to see more about this, simply click here to read the forum post about his record spotted bass. would like to extend a big congratulations to Blake for his accomplishment and we’re proud to have him aboard.  Aside from the record he is a stand up guy who has posted numerous informative trip reports that all the river bassin community has enjoyed and learned from.


You too can nominate a friend to become the Basser of the Month by using this form. If chosen as Basser of the Month they will receive a special parking space at the front of the store, I mean, site, for the remainder of the month. Catching big fish or large numbers of fish is not the criteria we base our decisions on either. The River Basser of the Month should share the same enthusiasm, passion, stewardship and kindness that we like to promote here on

Tight lines and smooth rapids,IMGP3114 staff

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