Mark McNeill Completes River Mission

Mark McNeill Completes River Mission


….Congratulations to Mark McNeill, (“Bassyaker” on the forum) for accomplishing a river mission! Mark completed his mission with the help of his son, which made it even more exciting for both of them.  Taking a child fishing is one worth accomplishing every chance you can, and the smile on his face is all the proof you need to believe that.  Read on to hear about one river mission that is sure to pay off for one young river basser for the rest of his life.

DSCN7159Mission Accomplished: “Young River Basser’s Yoda’” – Take a kid fishing!  Pretty simple really, just be sure to document it with some photos!

Date Accomplished: 9-7-09
Proof: Photos

How he accomplished his mission: “My 10 year old son and I went took our first fishing trip to the Hooch on Labor Day. By the end of the day he had 10 bass to my 4 and I couldn’t be happier. These were his first ever river bass. The action was fast and furious in two different locations with very little action in between. This morning, within 8 casts he had landed 4 fish from the same hole on the rapala using and ultra light reel. Man I was excited and that alone would have made my day but we had the same thing happen in a different hole this afternoon on plastics. He set the hook and landed 5 fish in 8 casts with the big one of the day weighing in at 1 lb 12 oz. He was one happy boy and I was one proud dad.”

To see more photos and read a more detailed account of the mission, click here.

To learn how you can be on the river mission complete list just click here to find out more.


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