New Devils River Video!!

New Devils River Video!!
Here is my latest video for our River Bassin family.

Join Brady and three friends on another awesome trip down the Devils River in Texas where they encounter two class three rapids, largemouth, and smallmouth bass up to four pounds!

10 Responses to “New Devils River Video!!”

  1. PawPaw says:

    Brady….that was one cool video!!!! Loved it! Underwater shots were fantastic and the composure of your film can’t get any better!!

  2. Castapotamus says:

    This makes the 2nd time I’ve investigated plane tickets to Texas. Great stuff.

  3. big drew says:

    man that looks fun! i wanna go…..wait i live in fl…road trip!

  4. Flinteye says:

    Gotta go to Devils River one day, thats some beautful looking water. great video work too.

  5. Smalliehound says:

    Great stuff! Some sketchy canoeing. But, beautiful river and fish. I can’t believe the clarity of the water. Amazing.

  6. Smalliehound says:

    And, Great music!!!

  7. smalliehound says:

    Unbelievable water clarity. We never see anything like that in OH. Good music too. Awesome.

  8. Daniel says:

    What type of camera set up did you use?

  9. RiverShoes says:

    Awesome video! Man, I’d LOVE to hit that river!!!


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