NEW VIDEO: “Operation Bass Slam!”

NEW VIDEO:  “Operation Bass Slam!”

This is an exciting new video about a unique guided fishing trip I had the pleasure of taking Bill Byers and Andy Minton on. They didn’t need to catch a lot of fish or even big fish, just particular species of black bass that live throughout the southeast. We only had four days of fishing to get it done and weather and water conditions were not kind. Did we do it or did October’s nasty rain and cold front prevent us from reaching our goal? There is only one way to find out…


8 Responses to “NEW VIDEO: “Operation Bass Slam!””

  1. PawPaw says:

    Awesome video Drew! Those are some beautiful rivers and scenery. If there’s anyone that could have put those guys on the bass they were after… was you! Congratulations!

  2. Redfish says:

    Nice video, Drew! It was a joy to have lunch and view some of this with you when I was over your way. Thanks for sharing your adventure with these guys.

  3. waderjon says:

    Awesome video Drew…Congrats to Bill on his quest for the slam..
    Drew this is the best video you have done yet..
    Very well done….

  4. rossjj says:

    cool video, some of those spots on the santa fe look familier

  5. Shoal Tide says:

    Thanks Drew…enjoyed it

  6. smalliesam says:

    Excellent Drew. You really getting this fishing video thing down. The incidental music, graphics, narration and video flow as well as any fishing show out there. Job well done.

  7. jeepinitreal says:

    great video drew!!!!!!

  8. jimsnores says:

    Drew, I’ve enjoyed all your videos, but that one is special. Time and budget constraints make a trip like that one impossible for me, but I certainly got some vicarious enjoyment from the video. Though I know you would have “told it like it was”, had you not succeeded in reaching the goals, I found myself anticipating the inevitability of triumph. I could relate to your joy over that 9.5 inch Redeye Bass. Thanks for letting us all “be there” for that.


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