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“Novice Crank Baits”

“Novice Crank Baits”

Author:  Hunter King (RiverCrawler)

….. I do not use crank baits much because it is just not my kind of fishing. This week’s tip is on ways to improve your crank bait fishing for people like me; people that only use crank baits when it is the only way to catch fish. First is color selection; when looking at the lures on the wall you need to think like a fish. When thinking like a fish you are to be thinking about what colors the fish is going to see best. In stained water you do not need baby bass colors, you need colors that will flash and get the attention of the fish, for clear water you go more for the natural and flat colors. Second is the depth the lure will dive; if you are a big time crank bait fisherman you will have a whole collection of sizes and depths but when you rarely use them you need to choose the depth that fits you best. If your average water depth is 4 feet, you want 3-5 ft crank baits. This will allow you to cover the whole range of water from working shallow to knocking the bottom. The same thing applies if your depth is 2 ft, you want 1-3 ft crank baits. The last tip is to not be afraid to throw the crank bait into thick cover. The crank bait’s bill is designed to keep the lure from snagging the bottom and branches, just remember to not set the hook when you are in a tree top and you will be OK throwing crank baits anytime.

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  1. BasserDrew says:

    Hunter, nice write up! I think you’re now the official youngest author on this site at 16 years old!


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