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Paddling Down Smith Shoals

Paddling Down Smith Shoals

…..The “Infamous Smith Shoals” on the Ocmulgee River can sometimes be intimidating to even the seasoned kayak angler.  I have personally kayaked these shoals on numerous occasions and it seems to always be different each time I experience it.  Join me in my kayak ride down them once again…….

2 Responses to “Paddling Down Smith Shoals”

  1. HiCountry says:

    Great video as always Paw Paw! Thanks for sharing! What kinda bass is in that river?

  2. DoahRiverRat says:

    VERY nice PawPaw. That shoal area reminds me of a spot on the south fork of the Shenandoah below Newport. It’s a little technical just as Smith appears to be. But it always takes us a good hour/hour and half to work our way down thru it because we tend to fish every pool, rock and eddy in the thing. But as water gets low in summertime, you can go extreme river left and ride a dead-straight wave train all the way to the bottom.


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