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Bass Pro Shops® Extreme® Baitcast Reels – old vs new model

Bass Pro Shops® Extreme® Baitcast Reels – old vs new model


Reviewed By: Tom Reese (Paw Paw)

Reel Condition: Older Reel (used), Newest Reel (new)

Number of trip used: Older Reel – 50+, Newest Reel – 0

How it Performed:

I recently ordered one of the newest Bass Pro Shops® Extreme® Baitcast Reels from the BPS online. I already own two of the older models and was excited to get one of their newest models that came out this year which have some new enhancements. I have been extremely satisfied with both of my older reels. They both are very smooth when casting and retrieving all types of lures and fishing line. The backlash controls of these reels have given me absolutely no trouble at all. For the money spent to purchase these two reels, I don’t think you can go wrong buying one.
The newest reel for my arsenal finally arrived and I couldn’t wait to get it unpacked and spooled with line and attached to my favorite rod. After adjusting the tension knob and the magnetic backlash control knob, I went out into my yard and began casting. Cast after cast I slowly tried to get everything adjusted. Right off the bat I noticed that the center of reel handle where the nut attaches the handle was hitting my index finger knuckle!!! This new style handle (recurve) is supposed to provide more balance and power. The older model has a straight handle. With a sore knuckle that wasn’t going to happen for me. I also found that the magnetic cast control knob had to be adjusted almost to the maximum # to prevent any backlashes. My older models are usually set to around 3 or 4. After trying to figure out what the problems were, I realized the newer model’s spool is slightly different. It is not fitted with the centrifugal plate the older model has. After working with the reel for several hours, I finally decided to take it back to BPS for a refund. I was so disappointed to say the least. Anyway, hope this gives you something to look for or check out if you decide to purchase one of these reels. I still love my older models and will continue to use them.

Older Reel
newextreme-front oldextreme-top
Newest Reel
old-extreme-front newextreme-side1

2 Responses to “Bass Pro Shops® Extreme® Baitcast Reels – old vs new model”

  1. Redfish says:

    Thanks for the review, Tom. This saves the rest of us time and money. Good job!!!

  2. Brent says:

    Thanks for that review. I have been wondering what all they change on the reel. I have 3 of the old models and love them. Thought about getting one of the new ones, but glad I went for the old model when they were on sale.


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