Raise the seat in your Ultimate 12 on a budget

Raise the seat in your Ultimate 12 on a budget

1There are many advantages to raising the seat in your Ultimate from the stock location. You gain a better view of your fishing area, you gain storage room, and it makes going from a seated position to a standing one just easier over a long day out on river. I’m going to show you how to do it yourself, for cheap. Now this way is just one way to do it, there are other options out there. One option is to buy a seat riser from Native which will run you about $60.

Both options have their pros and cons. Please look at both ways and decide which way is best for you.
There are a couple pros to mounting the seat using this way, as opposed to using a manufactured product. Mounting the seat tray on top opens up lots of room underneath the seat. If you are hauling camping gear down the river this can come in handy. With the tray on top you seat a little higher, versus Native’s seat riser. This could help you or hurt you, depending on how you look at it. I like it because I fish standing up a lot and it makes the trip from sitting to standing a lot shorter. Also with this way there is a lot of room to customize where you position the seat on the boat, as far as how far forward or backwards up want to seat. So lets get on with it.

Here is a list of things you will need:

  • Drill w/ drill bit (depending on what size bolts you use)
  • Two fiberglass rods 30″ x 1/2″
  • Two bolts w/ washers and nuts (You can use whatever size bolts you want. They are only used to hold the seat in place)
  • Four wire ties
1.) First take the two fiberglass rods and lay them on the bottom of the seat tray like so…The rods will lay in the two grooves in the tray pretty good. Also this is where the weight is distributed when you sit down. I got these rods from work and had to cut them to fit. You may have to hunt around to find some, but I’m sure you can get them pretty easy.
dscf6877 dscf6878
You can see I had to drill two holes on either side of the rod, on both ends to strap the rod down. This will keep it in place. I took and wrapped the ends with electrical tape, but you may can come up with a better looking way. Do this to both rods.

2.) Now take the seat and place it on the boat where you would like to sit. Line it up from left to right. Make a mark on the outside edge of the tray in the middle, on both sides. This is where you will need to drill a hole in the tray and in the top rails of the boat. So be sure everything is lined up. It should look something like this….
Ultimate 12 dscf6881
dscf6880 You can see where I positioned the bolt. I choose to drill the hole in the boat underneath the elbow pad. That way I can always cover it up if I need to. This will need to be done on both sides. This is a shoot of the bolt, I choose to insert it in from the bottom side.
You can see in the photo the space that is gain underneath the seat. Now you can slide your rods in and have them lay inside of the boat, and still have easy access to them. If you have ever done a float that has a lot of blow downs, you know having a rod sticking will caught on every limb that comes by. Having a tip broke off your favorite rod is never good.
3.) Now with both bolts in place, place the seat on top. The bolt should line up with the two holes that were drilled in the seat tray. Put the washer and nut on, hand tighten them, hook up the straps on the front of the seat and your good to go.
dscf6885Again, if you are thinking about doing this, make sure it is right for you. With the seat being higher, it brings your center of gravity higher. The boat is still very stable, you just need to be aware of this. Also read the other review on this site about the Native seat riser. It may be more along the lines of what you are after.If you are push for money and pretty handy, I think this way will work out great.

7 Responses to “Raise the seat in your Ultimate 12 on a budget”

  1. BasserDrew says:

    Awesome “how to” article wb! Keep up the great content man, we appreciate it.

  2. PawPaw says:

    Brent….great write-up and photos!!

  3. FBMoche says:

    Good write-up and photos. My only problem with this approach is that I weigh 225 lbs and the side rails on the Ultimate give some when the weight is not on the outside.

    I had to make my braces a little wider than the Ultimate to distribute the weight.

  4. Figuey says:

    What do you think about 3/8″ fiberglass rod? Is this too thin, or do you think this would fit better than the 1/2″? I’ll have to buy mine from a fiberglass shop, their minimum order is 8ft and they offer the 3/8″ and 1/2″ for about the same cost.

  5. Figuey says:

    Is it possible to bolt the seat tray under the rails? This may mean I need to use two bolts on each side. But it would bie me the option of having a higher/lower stance.

  6. wbchandler says:

    Figuey, if the 3/8″ Rod is the about the same price as the 1/2″ then I would just go with the 1/2″. And as far as mounting the seat under the rails I looked at doing that when I was coming up with this way, but never could come up with anything good. I understand what your saying though, if would give you some more options as far as the seat height. Doing it that way you would be putting your weight more on the seat tray it self, instead of the rails on the boat.


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