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Rigging Tube Baits With Jigheads With Wire Weedguards

Rigging Tube Baits With Jigheads With Wire Weedguards

We have all heard from our fishing buddies that fish with tube baits how effective they are.  Great news!!!!  How do you fish with them without getting hung up all the time though?  The solution is quite simple!  When fishing with these bad boys,  rig them with a weedless jig head.  How in the world do you get the weed guard inside the tube bait without the weed guard sticking into the sides of the tube bait?  This video will hopefully share a simple trick I learned to do this!!  I think you will be quite amazed how simple the solution is!!  I hope this you will help you to become a better tube bait fisherman.

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  1. Fly says:

    Thanks for a great tip, PawPaw. After you showed this to me, I came home and could not fine a metal ballpoint pen refill. I tried one of the plastic tubes that come with aerosol cans, such as gun oil, and it seems to work just as well.


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