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“Smiley” August River Basser Of The Month

“Smiley” August River Basser Of The Month

Smiley is the second most enthusiastic river basser I know!  Just a few weeks ago, she participated in the final event of the Tournament Trail in Macon, Ga. and got her first taste of Riverbassin™ competition at its best!  A few months before that she was just a beginner fishing out of a kayak.  While at the BPS, her husband bought her the very first bait-casting reel and rod she has ever owned.  She immediately took to the river with it searching for her favorite bass quarry, the shoal bass.  What has impressed me so much with Smiley is her eagerness to learn more about the sport of Riverbassin™ and the speed at which she does it.

The first time I was on a float with her, I quickly noticed how she was maneuvering her kayak into position to make her next casts. Completely on her own without anyone’s help, she appeared to know exactly where to cast her lure for its maximum effect.   Each time, retrieving it with that eager anticipation of the next fish being a MONSTER we all constantly look for.  That’s not the best part!  Later on in the day we came to a series of shoals that looked a little intimidating for a novice kayak-er or fisherman.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but when I saw Smiley get out of her yak and tether it to her waist and continue to fish while wading down the river, I said to myself……”WOW!!!, that girl is really something!!!”
Little did I know that only a short while later down the river, Smiley would haul out of the depths, her personal best largemouth weighing in at 4lb. 5oz.   It was absolutely a thrill for me to watch and even better to be able to capture it on video.

Smiley’s love for the sport of Riverbassin™ is only surpassed by her beautiful smile and infectious personality!   If you haven’t met her or had the chance to fish with her, I encourage you to do so!! I promise you’ll not regret it because she is such a pleasure to be around!! BTW, Smiley (Rachael) is not single but married to our own Lowhybred09 (Jason) so if you want to go fishing with her, you will probably have to put up with him too!!! BTW…..HE is the first & most enthusiastic river basser I know, hence Smiley holding the second position in that category. Congratulations Rachael on being selected the Riverbasser Of The Month!  You’re an excellent role model for all river bassers both men and women alike and represent the site to the highest degree !!  You make us all proud!
You too can nominate a friend to become the Basser of the Month by using this form. If chosen as Basser of the Month they will receive a special parking space at the front of the store, I mean, site, for the remainder of the month.  Catching big fish or large numbers of fish is not the criteria we base our decisions on either.  The River Basser of the Month should share the same enthusiasm, passion, stewardship and kindness that we like to promote here on

5 Responses to ““Smiley” August River Basser Of The Month”

  1. LowHybred09 says:

    I am so proud of you Rachael! You couldn’t desrve it more. You have grown so much in your fishing just from this spring up until now you have gone from beetle spins and bream to J-11′s and monster bass! I am one of the luckiest guys in the world to have a wife who shares my passion for bass fishing or just fishing in general. I look forward to many more awesome days on the river with you hearing, “GOT ONE!”

  2. smiley says:

    Thanks!!!! :)

  3. basserlewis says:

    Outstanding Smiley! Great fish, love that smile… how appropriate. You and Jason are quite the Fishers. BasserLue and I have just gotta do a float with ya’ll sometime.
    Catch a big one,

  4. dadTB says:

    Congratulations, Smiley!

    I can see by the picture where you got that most excellent nickname.


  5. PawPaw says:

    You go GIRL!!!! You’re doing great this year and just think……it’s just gonna get better! Hard to believe huh!!!


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