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Striperfisherman Completes River Mission!

Striperfisherman Completes River Mission!

….Congratulations to Striperfisherman (Brandon Payne) for accomplishing his 1st river mission. The river mission he has successfully completed is probably one of my favorites.  Taking a youngster out on the river to catch some fish.  It not only gives that young person a life long memory but the pleasure it gives the seasoned riverbasser by providing that opportunity is indescribable.  My hat goes off to you Brandon!

Mission Accomplished: Young River Basser’s Yoda – I took my little nephew fishing because he has been wanting to go for a while. His dad never has time to take him so I told him I would take him out and help him catch a couple of fish.  We didn’t get many big ones but he had a great time and caught a couple smaller fish!  Now all he wants to do is fish!  I guess he has officially  been bit by the fishing bug so I guess I did my job!!

Mission Accomplished: August 22, 2010

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  1. LowHybred09 says:

    Always great to take the youngsters out on the water….great job!


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