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Gear/Boat Review – Waveline 2.7M Airdeck with a Suzuki 2.5HP Outboard

Name: Tom Henson……

Item reviewed: Waveline 2.7M Airdeck with a Suzuki 2.5HP outboard…..

Condition:  New…..

Number of trips used:  20-50 trips…..

How it performed:  At first I was worried about having a 2.5HP outboard on a boat that could handle a 8HP. Oh how I was mistaken!!
I popped down to my local boat shop and they told me the boat is fine with that engine and let me test the “Waveline t”hey had in stock. I was amazed and placed my order straight away!

Would highly recommend this boat for anyone who wants something cheap and good quality for fishing along a river or on a lake

Rating: 10

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