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Adventure With HotH2o

…….. Yesterday, Thursday, July 9, I found my way to south Georgia to fish the Ocmulgee River with two of my good friends, Rob (HotH2o) and his son Zach.  Rob and I have been trying for quite a while now to get together and fish his local river.  Due to the high water conditions and not to mention “muddy” conditions,  it has been difficult getting our calendar synced.  Rob is a school teacher, so he is out of school right now.  Thursday was the magic day so we marked our calendars in ink!  Below is a short video with some shots of Rob and Zach and some snap shots I took during the day.  Rob caught a pretty big sturgeon and some redbreast and I think I ended up the day with about 6 largemouths.  None went over a pound and a half.  The fishing was tuff to say the least!  We all had lots of fun, taking a break on a sandbar mid way through the float.  Rob’s new Hobie Pro Angler is the first of its type I have ever seen in person.  At the end of the float,  I test drove it and really liked it.  Hope you enjoy the short video.  Click on the link below to watch:

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