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Florida’s Top 25 Biggest or Largest Largemouth Bass

Author: Paul R. Nosca (Ocklawahaman)

Florida's Record Bass-sign in San-Antonio, FL honoring Fritz Friebel 20-2 lb largemouth bass caught in May 1923.

Most of us are river and creek bass anglers who fish from a small boat, canoe, kayak, stream bank or by wading. We are into the aesthetic nature of our preferred type of bass fishing and probably aren’t severely inflicted with “big bass fever”. Catching a new World Record 23-pound plus largemouth is likely NOT our usual motivation for going fishing or even anywhere near the top of our “bucket list”. But as serious riverine “bassers”, we sometimes might be a little curious about the dimensions of “monster” largemouth bass reportedly caught by those “other guys” and where they caught them. Read the full story

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