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“Castapotamus” May River Basser of the Month

Why I think they should be river basser of the month: I first met Castopotamus, (aka: David Clark), at one of the first Riverbassin.com rodeos I attended, and have since had the good fortune to share time on the river with David on several fishing and camping excursions. Spend some time on the river with somebody, and you will soon see who they really are…Castopotamus is as good as they come. His enthusiasm for river bassing is contagious, which is serving his two sons well, as their dad is making sure he passes along to them the opportunities to know and love this sport and the outdoors. Always the first to pitch in and help anybody with anything…unloading or loading boats, camp site chores, you name it…David is the first one there to help, and always with a contagious positive attitude backed-up by a “I’m lovin’ every minute of it” smile. If I were someone who met Castopotamus on the river, and he mentioned something about Riverbassin.com, I would have to check it ou
t because of the positive impression he would have made on me. David Clark… Castopotamus, represents very well what riverbassin is all about, and is a great amBASSador for Riverbassin.com.

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