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The Importance of Safety


From: Drew Gregory

When on the river there are certain laws and practices that we can do to make sure we stay safe and arrive alive at the takeout. This article is going to teach you some tips and tricks of the river to keep you safe!

Each state has a different law regarding life vests and whether or not they have to be worn while on the river. In most of the states that I fish it is not a law to have them on while on the river, but they must be within easy reach and accessible in the boat. I keep mine right by my feet or on the back of my seat. I am about to be switching to the new inflatable style vest that is small and low profile so I can keep on at all times. Regardless of the law, it is always smarter and safer to have your life vest on at all times, especially if you are new to paddling or river fishing. I have been doing this for a long time and Read the full story

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