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The River Gives Back!

Author:  Lowhybred09 (Jason Stutts) ….

I have been pretty lucky so far in my riverbassin’ and have only lost, to the river, a few cheap rods, a paddle of midranged price, and a leatherman.  Well, the leatherman bothered me because it was once owned by a recently deceased mentor of mine who taught me a lot about life, fishing, and how you should treat fellow mankkind.  His name was Skip Mundy and he died unfortunatelly of complications, mainly pnuemonia, from cancer.  He was only 58 I believe.  But he had the spirit of a man twice his age…always up at 3 a.m. bouncing and full of life.  Was never in a bad mood once that I saw.  We met through the Ft. Benning Bass Club which I joined when I was sixteen.  I will turn 30 in november.

He was retired military and fished the same club I was able to fish because my father was active military at the time.  I credit much of what I know about bass fishing to my Dad for bringing into the club.  These were some of the best bass fisherman in the columbus/phenix city area and I got to fsh a tournament a month and have two meetings a month with them!  At that age it was super valubale to me, the time I was able to spennd around these mostly great fellows.  Some were in there late seventies and I was the youngest.

To make a long long story short, Skip was a guy who took me under his wings and went above and beyond anything he ever had to do.  Took me fishing countless times outside of the bass club setting.  We fished March of Dimes tournaments together and just went fishing when we had the time.  He was from up north, I believe ohio…and always used spinning rods no matter what.  I used to rag him about it because my dad taught me to throw baitcasters when I was 8.  But he also taught me the value of using those spinning rods which I now always carry at least one..for light tackle.  And he used them for everything…but he used heavy braid unlike many others who use spinning outfits to throw mono and light stuff.  Well, my biggest bass this year was taken on a spinning outfit throwing an unusual lure for a light spining outfit, a chatterbait…the largemouth was 7lb 4oz.

Well, again I ramble on…sorry.  I lost my friend and Mentor to cancer December of 07 and my Dad, who was also hit hard by this death, because he was bestfriends with Skip(Skipper to us).  They also did a lot together.  Don’t think the world will be the same without another person like Skip Mundy around.  My Dad gave me the leatherman that used to belong to Skipper, to remember him by so you can imagine how bummed out I was when the leatherman tool flew off my lap and landed in deep water above a shoal.

Now I know a bunch of leatherman tools are lost…including the original one like I had lost, this happened in June.  Well when my buddy and I were fishing the buddy Mike who I brought down from Aiken SC to catch some shoalies(he was also with me when I boated the 7-4LM).  Just after losing a monster shoalie over 4lbs he got out of his yak below a shoal, the same shoal that I lost the tool above.  He found at the time what I thought was just some rusty old pliers…honestly never crossed my mind that it could be the tool I lost.  Well the last trip Smiley and I took she picked them up in her yak and gave them back to me….it’s a rusty set of leatherman pliers..the same mode land style I lost.  Wouldn’t it be cool if it was the pliers once owned by a great riverbasser….Skip Mundy?  Thank you River…I really appreciate it.

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