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The “Secret Weapon” Saves The Day

The “Secret Weapon” Saves The Day

….. The day before yesterday I gave an old acquaintance of mine a call on the phone to find out if he would like to go fishing on one of our favorite rivers for some shoal bass.  Of course his answer was an emphatic  “YES”.  I have known Dennis (Dennis the Fish Menace) for about 2 years but we have never got our schedules synchronized so we were able to fish together.  We both met at the river bright and early the next morning ready to tackle some of Georgia’s beautiful “shoalies”.  The day started out with Dennis striking gold with a beautiful 4lb. 01oz. shoalie monstor!  That was just a preview of what was to follow during the day.  The morning was sort of slow with not much action.  I thought…… “I sure hope this is not an indication what’s in store for us today!”  Around lunch time we pulled over and had ourselves something to eat and discussed the morning and what our plans were for the afternoon.  Still optimistic,  I started fishing different baits using different methods to entice them to bite.  Still nothing!!!  Shortly after lunch, I heard Dennis yell out……..”BIG FISH ON!!!”.  I looked around and Dennis was being towed toward the nearest bank!!!!  WOW!!!!!  He sho nuff had a BIGUN!!!!  Dennis finally brought this huge fish to the side of his yak (on the side I couldn’t see) and was attempting to lip her.  Dennis yelled out…”OH NO!!!!  SHE GOT OFF!!!”  Anyway,  that was just the precursor to the rest of the day.  Dennis was kind enough to share with me what his “Secret Weapon” was and I couldn’t tie it on quick enough!!!  The rest of the story follows in the short video.  Hope you enjoy!

2 Responses to “The “Secret Weapon” Saves The Day”

  1. waderjon says:

    Sweet !! Good job Paw Paw and DFM..Looks like yall had a fun day..
    Yall can tell me about the secret weapon later..

  2. Waterskeeter says:

    Phew! I have a Top Secret Security clearance… can you tell me about the ‘secret weapon’? My lips are sealed!


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