“These Smallies are Legit, Don’t Quit!” PART I

“These Smallies are Legit, Don’t Quit!”  PART I

This is part I of the latest RiverBassin TV episode, where BasserDrew and Deepstep hit the water in search of river smallmouth bass – pound for pound strongest black bass there is! Let’s just say by the end of the day they have sore forearms and a lot of memories to share.


6 Responses to ““These Smallies are Legit, Don’t Quit!” PART I”

  1. smalliesam says:

    Nice video Drew. Congrats DS on the PB.

  2. PawPaw says:

    Deepstep…Drew…fantastic video! Also congrats on your PB smallie Depstep.
    I love the editorializing Drew about the kayak leash and the method you were using to catch them on the Strike King Zulu!

  3. Radsdog says:

    That was a great video – any smallmouth that gets Drew jumpin out of the boat and dancing in the river like that had to be special. Great tips on the kayak leash and working the zulu. Do you just nose hook it or Texas rig it?

  4. waderjon says:

    Cool video guys..The action was incredible.

  5. Stick Slinger says:

    ….there is no doubt that you sir are the man!

  6. BASSNUT says:

    Outstanding Video and Smallie fishing BasserDrew and Deepstep.
    Great shots of keeping your yak clipped to your belt, it follows you
    better then a well trained dog. :)

    Tight Lines All


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