“These Smallies are Legit, Don’t Quit” PART II

“These Smallies are Legit, Don’t Quit” PART II

The latest high definition RiverBassin TV episode continues with Part II, where the dramatic conclusion to BasserDrew and Deepstep’s day is revealed. They battle with more big smallmouth and encounter a few more surprises. All of this and more in the conclusion to “These Smallies are Legit, Don’t Quit.”

9 Responses to ““These Smallies are Legit, Don’t Quit” PART II”

  1. smalliesam says:

    Great vid Drew. Gotta get me some more SC smallies. . .

  2. Rockfish says:

    Thanks for the great show. What a talent indeed.

  3. PawPaw says:

    Drew, I must complement you on a marvelous job of putting this video together! I’ve watched Bill Dance, Roland Martin, Mike Iconellie and other professionals on the circuit and none of them as far as I’m concerned has a thing on you! I truly enjoy watching you fish because I learn something every time I do. You’re an inspiration to us all!! I do honestly wish the very best for you and your career as a guide and whatever else may come your way!

  4. Boyscout says:

    Dude, absolute way cool video!

    Only one thing I didn’t like about it and it needs to be corrected…the problem was that I WASN’T THERE!

    Bwaaaaaaaa! Hey, anyone got some cheese to go with my whine?

  5. castapotamus says:

    Great video!! You’re getting us FIRED UP.

  6. Jump n Fish says:

    Haha, I have an advanced case of MIS as well. When you find a cure, let me know so I can quit embarrassing myself whenever I fish with someone else. Awesome video.

  7. jeepinitreal says:

    Man thats awesome!!!! I’ve never fished in smallie country, or caught one . Im gonna need to change that , those things got some spunk huh

  8. George T says:

    You know i dont think there is a Bad fish in the water. So you keep hollering good fish all you want to Drew. We might just start saying it with you.

  9. Greg says:

    you need to come to the New River in Va. and sample some of the excellent smallmouth fishing we have to offer.Awesome video!


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